The iPad smart case with built-in parental controls!

Set limits for daily screen time, reward children for making better app choices and even encourage physical fitness.

A healthy screen
time balance

How it Works

KiDCASE is a rugged kid-friendly smart case that docks onto your child’s iPad.  With KiDCASE, you can now easily monitor usage, set daily time limits and even restrict certain times of the day via the free companion app. The case can actually shut the iPad off once time limits are reached or keep it from turning on when it shouldn’t be used in the first place.

Beyond screen-time management, third party learning apps and fitness trackers integrate with the KiDCASE experience enabling you to automatically reward your child with bonus time for making better content choices or hitting their daily fitness goals.

Daily screen time managment

Finally, gain full control of the screen time schedule. KiDCASE knows when the iPad is being used and can turn it off when it shouldn’t be.

“Children should engage with entertainment media for no more than two hours per day…”

American Academy of Pediatrics


Simply keeps an eye on daily usage and gives notifications when limits are exceeded.


Daily Limit
Set a daily time limit for the iPad. When time is up, KiDCASE turns the device off until the next day. You can always unlock additional time easily via the companion app.


Choose which hours of the day or night are okay for the iPad to be used – KiDCASE will only allow the iPad to turn on during those times.

Bonus Time

You decide how much “do anything you want” time is okay for your child and allow them to earn extra time by using compatible learning and education-based apps or hitting their daily fitness goal.

Educational App Developers
KiDCASE is in the process of securing partnerships with leading producers of kid-friendly content.


Woudn’t it be great if your kids automatically used kid-friendly educational apps each day? With KiDCASE, they can earn their extra screen time by doing exactly that.

It’s all about the mental and physical well being of our children – KiDCASE allows kids to earn their extra iPad time by  hitting their daily physical fitness goals on popular wearables. 

Fitness Trackers

KiDCASE will be compatible with the world’s most popular fitness tracker brands.


Kid-Friendly Design

Feature Rugged Design

Rugged Design
Soft silicon outer shell for
kid-proof protection!

Feature Comfortable Kickstand

Comfortable Kickstand
The sturdy kickstand enables healthy “good posture’ use at tables and counters.


Replaceable Screen Protector
The KiDCASE screen protector is replaceable so your case can always look new.


Designed for Apple
KiDCASE will first be compatible with the iPad mini, mini 2 and mini 3, with additional models soon to follow.

Feature secure lock

Secure Lock
KiDCASE docks onto your child’s device and locks with a key, so that only you can remove it.


KiDCASE is available in 5 colors. You can also customize the back panel with personalized skins!

Rest easy knowing your kids are using their iPads responsibly and in moderation


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